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here is a SAP hit tool ( like the SAP wizard) for anyone doing SAP automation windows 7.

This lets you click on a control on any SAP GUI and highlights

it just like the wizard did and tells you the control path.

The SAP wizard has problems on windows 7 due to it use of Office Assistants Agents (remember Clippy?) which are no longer supported in windows 7.

Note, GUI Scripting needs to be turned on see your system admin (or see transaction rz11 to turn on)


For general SAP automation see

griffin the great's SAP.UDF

tags SAP GUI scripting wizard not working


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can somebody help me how to use it? I want to create sales order in transaction VA01 with it, but with the standard Autoit tool via Finder tool it is not working.

See my post here:

any ideas? Please help.


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