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help remapping mouse wheel up and down

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I have been trying to find a post that explained how to remap the scrolling feature (mouse wheel up and down) to the + and - keys on num pad, I had it all working for a while but just did a fresh install and cant find it any where on the web and cant figure out how to do it my self, can some one help me? I have a laptop and the scroll function doesn't work it was nice to be able to use the + and - buttons instead, thanks

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Maybe something like this?

#include <WinAPI.au3>


func _up()
    ConsoleWrite("you pressed up"&@CRLF)
    _WinAPI_Mouse_Event($MOUSEEVENTF_WHEEL,"",20, +120)

func _down()
    ConsoleWrite("you pressed down"&@CRLF)

while 1


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