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Halt/Freeze/Pause outlook while my prog is running


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I'm trying to have my program stop outlook and another instant messaging program while it is in a certain mode. This is because people will be scanning barcodes in another room, but instead of having to close out of the programs, I was hoping to have autoit freeze or pause other programs while it is in scanning mode. I found this chunk of code which makes me feel like I am close, but not close enough to what I want to do.

#Include <WinAPI.au3>
$process = _WinAPI_OpenProcess("PROCESS_SUSPEND_RESUME", 1, "outlook.exe")

DllCall("ntdll.dll", "Int", "NtSuspendProcess", "Int", $process)
DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "Int", "CloseHandle", "Int", $process)

I don't have much code to start with, but if anyone has any thoughts, I would be grateful!

Thanks in advance!

C0d3 is P0etry( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hi, Kovacic. Please give your posts a full 24 hours before you update or bump. Those of us who volunteer on the forum are all over the world in different time zones; sometimes it takes a while for us to read through and answer all the questions :)

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