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Sending system name and IP as file

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So lately I've been having an issue with USB drives being stolen at my dad's workplace. He works as a safety instructor at a chemical plant, and these USB drives contained some of the testing data, so naturally this is more than just a nuisance. (After all, if they don't learn these safety procedures, people /will/ get hurt, or worse from their stupidity.)

Anyways, today he asked me if I could make it so that the USB device reports on its location when someone runs a file that's made to look like it will decrypt the data on the drive. If possible, I'd like to record the computer's system name and internal IP address, and send them either to email or ftp server so that they can be found and reported. If this can be done silently, even better, but I'm not above the idea of giving the thief the scare of watching his computer type in these things and send them to his boss. 

(I'm totally new to this coding language, by the way, but I'm eager to learn.)

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Nice wall of words...  although I am not sure yet what this is supposed to lead to.


  • Yes, you are on the internet.
  • Why would any of this prove anything and why would it be needed anyway?


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