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Help would be Appreciated!

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So basically, I need to click on a coordinate after two keys are pressed in order, not at the same time.
For example, If I press F4 and then click somewhere a second later, click again at a specific coordiate.

I would also like it to choose one of two random coordinates (for my purposes, left and right.)  So far this is what I have:

sleep("3000") ; time to switch to relevant window

While 1 == 1
   If _isPressed ("73") then ; If F4 is pressed
   Until _IsPressed("01") ; Until Mouse is clicked

   If Random(0, 1, 1) Then ; Return an integer between 0 and 1.
      $MousePos = MouseGetPos()
      MouseClick ("primary", 840,480,0)
      MouseMove ("$MousePos", 0)
      $MousePos = MouseGetPos()
      MouseClick ("primary", 770,470,0)
      MouseMove ("$MousePos", 0)

Right now it's flinging my cursor to the top left and keeping it there, so I have to end the program with task manager using my keyboard.  Without "While 1 == 1/WEnd", it just moves my mouse without waiting for the buttons to be pressed.

Can anyone enlighten me as to how to finish this up?


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Maybe this can help you,

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         CoolBreeze
 Year:           2014

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#include <misc.au3>

Local $mousePos, $mousePos_memo[2], $save_coords[2]

; Hotkeys
HotKeySet("{F4}", "_coordSave")
HotKeySet("{DEL}", "_clear")
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_exit")

ToolTip("Press [F4] - to save position", 10, 10)

While 1
    If _IsPressed ("01") Then ;Left mouse button
        If $save_coords[0] <> "" And $save_coords[1] <> "" Then
            Sleep(100) ;to prevent mousedown effect during move!  tested in ms paint
            MouseClick("left", $save_coords[0], $save_coords[1], 1)

    $mousePos = MouseGetPos()

    If $mousePos[0] <> $mousePos_memo[0] OR $mousePos[1] <> $mousePos_memo[1]  Then
        ToolTip("Mouse position: " & $mousePos[0] & " x " & $mousePos[1])
        ConsoleWrite( $mousePos[0] & "," & $mousePos[1] & @CR)

    $mousePos_memo = $mousePos

    Sleep(10) ; tooltip flicker fix

Func _coordSave()
    $mousePos = MouseGetPos()
    $save_coords = $mousePos
    ToolTip("Position is saved at: " & $save_coords[0] & " x " & $save_coords[1])

Func _clear()
    $save_coords[0] = ""
    $save_coords[1] = ""

Func _exit()


Edited by CoolBreeze
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@Milkyourcow2, can you please explain in detail what you are trying to automate? 99% of the time there is a much easier way to accomplish what you're after without having to resort to MouseMoves and MouseClicks.

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