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Hi All, 
I went searching for something to speed up checking for files on the network (UNC Paths)

Most examples were rather complicated but someones multi-threaded solution gave me an idea.

Hope it is useful to someone.

Seems to work well so far. 

Func _FileExistsTimeout($sPath, $iTimeout = 1000)
    Local $hTimer = TimerInit() ; Begin the timer and store the handle in a variable.
    Local $iPID = Run(@AutoItExe & ' /AutoIt3ExecuteLine  "ConsoleWriteError(FileExists(""' & $sPath & '""))"', @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDERR_CHILD)
    Local $sOutput = ""
    Local $iDiff = 0
    While $iDiff < $iTimeout
        $iDiff = TimerDiff($hTimer)
        $sOutput &= StderrRead($iPID)
        If @error Then ; Exit the loop if the process closes or StderrRead returns an error.
    Switch StringStripWS($sOutput, 8)
        Case 1
            Return True
        Case Else
            Return False
EndFunc   ;==>_FileExistsTimeout
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    • By HansHenrik
      edit: this is probably in the wrong place, can a moderator move it to wherever it belongs?

      is there any way to completely disable TCPTimeout and make TCPRecv() wait indefinitely? maybe setting it to 0 or -1 or something? 
      the docs doesn't seem to mention any way to disable it

      - the underlying C code would set SO_RCVTIMEO to 0 , aka

      DWORD timeout=0;
      setsockopt(s, SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVTIMEO, &timeout, sizeof(timeout));
    • By Blueman
      Hi all,
      I was wondering if you can help me with the function called; InetRead().
      My scripts are using this function a lot for several conditions and everything works fine!
      But sometimes when the server is a little bit buggy of simply not available my script is hanging.
      It takes about 90sec before this function returns a Timeout, when i adjust the parameter it still is hanging about 90sec.
      The following script is a example where the script is hanging for aprox. 90sec;
      ; Set Timeout to 2sec AutoItSetOption ("TCPTimeout", 2000) ; Read Website InetRead("http://www.geenverbinding.nl/",1) ; Show Msgbox before Ending Script. Msgbox(64,"","Finished")  
      The following script is a example where the script show the Msgbox pretty fast;

      ; Set Timeout to 2sec AutoItSetOption ("TCPTimeout", 2000) ; Read Website InetRead("http://www.google.nl/",1) ; Show Msgbox before Ending Script. Msgbox(64,"","Finished")  
      My question now is, what am i doing wrong and/or is there a other way to prevent Hanging the script?
      Thanks all
    • By ur
      I have automated an install process by using the below code.
      Func _WinWaitActivate($title,$text,$timeout=0) WinWait($title,$text,$timeout) If Not WinActive($title,$text) Then WinActivate($title,$text) WinWaitActive($title,$text,$timeout) EndFunc $win1 = "Text 1" $win2 = "Text 2" _WinWaitActivate($win1,"WARNING: This progra") Send("{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}");Send("{SPACE}") _WinWaitActivate($win1,"I DISAGREE and &do n") Send("{UP}n") _WinWaitActivate($win1,"Customer Information") Send("{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}");Send("{TAB}{TAB}n") _WinWaitActivate($win1,"Click Next to instal") Send("{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}");Send("n") _WinWaitActivate($win1,"This feature require") Send("{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}");Send("{TAB}n") _WinWaitActivate($win1,"Ready to Install the") Send("{ALTDOWN}i{ALTUP}");Send("i") _WinWaitActivate($win1,"The InstallShield Wi") Send("{ALTDOWN}f{ALTUP}");Send("f") _WinWaitActivate($win2,"You must restart you") Send("{ALTDOWN}n{ALTUP}");Send("n") Now if any new screen comes in the middle of installation, like some VC++ installation error or like that.
      The AutoIT is waiting in the background.
      Is there any way to skip the new screens with just "enter" and continue the installation??
    • By Spyderco
      Hi everyone

      I'll explain what I'm trying to achieve briefly:

      I run several websites and am running pilots for a new framework on a few server.
      I have a certain script set us like a bunch of checkboxes, one of which checks a URL for it's status response set to a $ClientURL variable.
      So I have something like the following:

      Set includes
      Set variables (one of which is $ClientURL = ("www.example.com").
      Start loop
         Main script
            If $ClientURL = ("www.example.com") Then
                $ClientURL = ("www.a.com")
            If $ClientURL = ("www.a.com") Then
               $ClientURL = ("www.b.com")
            ElseIf $ClientURL = ("www.b.com") Then
               $ClientURL = ("www.c.com")
            ElseIf $ClientURL = ("www.c.com") Then
               $ClientURL = ("www.d.com")
            ElseIf $ClientURL = ("www.c.com") Then
               $ClientURL = ("www.example.com")
            Sleep until the script restarts the loop.
      End loop

      This only uses one main script and changes the variables needed to run in by the following value every time.
      My problem is this...
      Everything runs smoothly, but if a webserver takes too long to respond, the program will timeout.
      This doesn't give a certain status, so it doesn't get logged by the script so it can move on to the next one.
      It just freezes and crashes on it eventually.
      Is there a way to add a certain timeout to a line?
      Lets say something like this:
      Func A ()
      $oHTTP = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
      $oHTTP.Open("GET", $ClientURL, False)
      If the time it takes = >10 seconds
         Move on to the next line
         Do nothing

      I thought about making a variable that tracks the system time in seconds that has passed by and resets it at the beginning of every new function,
      but I was hoping there'd be something more efficient...
      Thanks in advance guys!
    • By lrstndm
      Hi all,
      I want to check if a file exists under the System32 folder: C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\rewrite.dll
      The following code always worked for me:
      $string = @SystemDir & "\inetsrv\rewrite.dll" ConsoleWrite(FileExists($string)) But yesterday I updated my Windows 10 with the last "big" update and now my @SystemDir returns the following string:
      And before it was:
      So I thought I change my code to:
      $string = @WindowsDir & "\System32\inetsrv\rewrite.dll" ConsoleWrite(FileExists($string))But this code also does not work. I tried to run it as administrator but this also didn't work.
      What am I doing wrong?
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