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Requesting knowledge Help

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Hello everyone.


I whoule like to make a nice console for my scripts...

i tryed to search and find in the forum but i messing up....


I realy whould like to make a nice console to see what are doing the scripts i did while they are running...


i did one already but it s realy ugly one....

i whould like to improve it and i should realy apreciate an help to give me good exemples or a way to do a better one... i ll show you my console... but plz dont laught :P


First bad thing i cant see the complete line without extand it... second thing this is ugly :/


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Hello Caraman!

I also have a problem codeing GUIs with any kind of languages, but there are different graphical interfaces to aid you in it (I use ISN Studio, from ISI360, but there are many others, just can't name them from the top of my head)

There was a thread with a good collection of them, i try to find it and link it if i succed

Edit:I was >lucky :)

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