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Is there a way to detect admin ?

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I am explaining :

I got my migration's script working fine now BUT... :) for one command i need to lunch the script in admin

and for others command i need to be user cause i am using @user parameters

i got that system in place :

Migration not done = Red color GUI

Migration done = Green color GUI

I whant to do :

Migration script runed with double click = no change

Migration script runed as = gui blue color or something like that

who can give me a way to work about that i realy dont got idea about how i can do that

how to say in my script something like that

if processexist Migration profil.EXE runed as LocalAdminUsername then Guibkground color = xx

hope i am clear enouth xD

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Checks if the current user has full administrator privileges.

the thing i want is check if the script got administrator privileges in user session.

because i am running the script as admin in user session

so to be clear it s not what i need :)

exept is you say me that function can support something like that:

just a logic exemple

$script = if _processexist (script.exe) then

if $script isadmin then 
GuiCtrtSetBkColor ($GUI1)
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ahhh yep !

I gonna try and resolve the topic if that work


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