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Logo Rendering Inconsistent between environments

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Hi All,


I have an AutoIT script which allows a user to make a selection, and trigger a series of events according to the selection.

I have a logo, in the the GUI of the application, which looks perfect on my local environment. When executing on the actual workstation, the background of the image is presented as a WHITE box (even though original image has Gray background)


My question is, why does it work correctly, with transparency working to mesh it well with the background, whereas on another environment it does not. Both are windows 7. Code snippet below of how I am creating the image.


$logo = GUICtrlCreatePic($logoLocation,32,215,175,145,$WS_EX_TRANSPARENT)



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Hmmm....are both envs using the same graphics settings (Aero theme, color depth, etc.)?

Im not really sure about graphics related issues too well. I had just figured a small image (snipped below to show the color render) The blue color is correct, and is coming from the GuiStBKColor call. On the other environment this blueish color doesn't come through. I had figured with the same image, and no effects on the image (bmp file) it should work cross environment. 



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