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Basic Array Error working with Excel! Please help!

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I am a super noob at AutoIt so bare with me.

Here is my code:

      ;Define the Variables entered in Previous Table
      $ItemOut = GUICtrlRead($ItemOutID)
      $NumItemOut = GUICtrlRead($NumItemOutId)
      $Who = GUICtrlRead($WhoId)
      $Where = GUICtrlRead($WhereID)

      ;Set the filepath to the excel documents
      $fPath ="P:\IT_Interns\Projects\Inventory Project\Inventory.xlsx"
      ;Open a specific Excel window
      $app = _Excel_Open()
      ;Wait till that window has opened and is active
      ;Open the workbook we are using with the given filepath
      $Excel = _Excel_BookOpen( $app, $fPath, Default, Default, True)

      Global $array = _Excel_RangeFind($Excel, $ItemOut, Default, Default, $xlWhole)
      $arrayData = $array[2]

The problem is with the last line of code and reads: Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.

How is this possible?

The array is created and assigned to _Excel_RangeFind function which returns 6 values, I am trying to only obtain the 3rd value which is the address of the specific cell, so $array[2] should access the third value in the array; but it throws the error! I ran _ArrayDisplay and it runs fine showing the full 6 values so I know the array Range Find did work and input the values.



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The function returns a 2D array thus your subscript error.  Try this

$arrayData = $array[2][3] ; to get value of the cell


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Thank you so much for the responses! That was exactly it I cannot believe I missed that in the AutoIt Help menu. The location of what I was looking for was in $array[0][2], I have no idea why they input all of the data within the 0th 1st part of the array, they should just put it within a 1D array but nonetheless thank you! Now I just need to find out how to parse through the data to get the next cell over. If it returns A2 I need it to receive the data within B2 cell. I'll post about that on a separate post though!

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If you always need the content of the cell one column to the right then I would use:

$vResult = $oWorkbook.Range($ItemOut).Offset(0, 1).Value


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