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Hello all.  First a brief background.  My programming knowledge falls probably somewhere in the range of general knowledge to intermediate.  I have currently written a form filler program in Auto IT that I have pre-populated with the data (email address, password, name, etc.) which is used to fill form.  Each category of the form filler displays the data in a combo box, which is meant to allow users to input multiple instances for each category in the event (like all of us I'm sure) that the user has more than one email account, password, etc.  However, my goal is for the program, either when it is launched for the first time or when the user selects a particular menu item, is to allow the user to edit/configure the data which populates these categories in the form filler.  What element/object/function can I use to accomplish this?  I did some research prior to this, and I found that using ini files or a local database might allow me to accomplish my goal, but I wanted to get some opinions from veteran programmers as well.  Also, (this is kind of a secondary request) does anyone know where I can find some good reference material if I wanted to learn more about development in a Windows environment and the tools introduce more functionality into the development environment.

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