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Unzip your files without progress bar

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Very simple: I had seen many examples of unzipping files (Zip) archive, but most of those example where using either some external .dll or are performing the job with the progress bar. Here is a small example how you can unzip your files without any external libraries and without any progress bar


$objShell5 = ObjCreate ("Shell.Application")

Enjoy :)

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performing the job with the progress bar

??? Progress bar? You can extract zip files using a progress control!? :P

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By "progress bar" I mean - the windows progress bar which is showing- that your files are moving from one directory to another. And if you have say 10000 files in zip file? So if you don't like that win progress bar- this example is right for you :)

Ah, btw- if you do want the progress bar, then just remove this part from the code

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Nice, what limitation of OS does this have being object based (XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10)

I wrote a program to update maps for a 911 system and hated how the transfer dialog came up when the file was done downloading.

Edit: Here we go a copy of my code updated with this method.
I commented out the 2 lines that were doing the unzipping before, and I can remove the Include for Zip.au3

I noticed that you must have the directory already or this will not work so I added in the DirCreate()

My question here is how I was checking the return of the _Zip_UnzipAll() for log file usage.  How can I check the return of this unzip method so I can log the results accurately?

#Include <Array.au3>
#Include <File.au3>
#Include <Zip.au3>

$sMaps = "C:\Tiburon\"  ;Where To Save Maps

$aZip = _FileListToArray("C:\Tiburon", "*.zip", $FLTA_FILES, True) ;Get A List of All .Zip Files
If @Error Then ;If No Downloads Exit
    ;MsgBox(0, "", @Error)
Else ;Else Get The Highest Version Map .Zip Package and Save to $sZip and get Name and save in $sMap2
    $sZip = $aZip[$aZip[0]]
    $aMap = StringSplit($sZip, "\")
    $sMap2 = StringTrimRight($aMap[$aMap[0]], 4)
    $sMaps &= $sMap2

$sLogPath = "C:\Tiburon\" & $sMap2 & ".log" ;Create Our Log File Path with $sMap2 as the Name
_FileWriteLog($sLogPath, "New Map Package " & $sMap2 & " was downloaded") ;Write To Log that The .Zip was downloaded
$vStep1 = DirRemove($sMaps, 1) ;If Zip was Already Extracted Delete As To Extract New (Prevent Corrupted Downloads)
If $vStep1 = 1 Then _FileWriteLog($sLogPath, "Deleted old " & $sMap2 & " folder") ;Write To Log That Old Folder Was Found and Deleted
$objShell5 = ObjCreate("Shell.Application")
$FilesInZip5 = $objShell5.NameSpace($sZip).items
;$vStep2 = _Zip_UnzipAll($sZip, $sMaps, 1) ;Unzip Our File
;If $vStep2 = 0 Then _FileWriteLog($sLogPath, "Successfully Unziped Package for " & $sMap2) ;Log That We Unzipped Our File
$vStep3 = FileDelete($sZip) ;Delete Zip Package When Finished
If $vStep3 = 1 Then _FileWriteLog($sLogPath, "Successfully Deleted " & $sMap2 & " .Zip Package") ;Log That We Deleted Our Zip File Successfully


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ViciousXUSMC ,

"How can I check the return of this unzip method so I can log the results accurately?"

I  am not sure yet about how to check the return, I will try to research that question.


In my case- the script was waiting untill the files are unzipped and then it went on further execution

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   $objShell5 = ObjCreate ("Shell.Application")


I used this code for extracting my homework but I got this error instead:-

$FilesInZip5=$objShell5.NameSpace($ZipFile5)^ ERROR

What Could be the possible reason.
I am using this inside a function


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You need to add some error checking to your script. Look at IsObj in the help file, and look at placing it there after your ObjCreate statement. You can also try running the script with #RequireAdmin at the top.

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Did you try with #RequireAdmin? You need to error check the rest of the script:

  • Confirm the zip file exists in the directory you reference in line 1
  • Confirm the directory you reference in line 2 is accessible, and you have rights to it
  • Confirm you can create the Shell.Application in line 3
  • etc. etc. etc.

Look at @error and FileExists in the help file.

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Okay, Its working Now.
I just copied the code outside the function i had defined

But when I copied it back inside the function it stops working again

Any Clue?

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