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Auto-detect clickable screen areas?

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I'm using AutoIt on an app that I'm running on an Android emulator; my script basically clicks a spot, sleeps, clicks another, etc, etc.
Instead of waiting the same fixed number of miliseconds every time and clicking the same predefined position, I'd like for the script to detect when & where the next clickable object pops up on on the emulator window, and either trigger it or pick another response depending on its coordinates.

As a side note, I've been rewriting my code and using PixelChecksum(), PixelSearch(), and PixelGetColor() to this end, and it's getting the job done now, but I'd be much happier with something that automatically detects buttons like a screen reader would, if that makes sense.

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Pixel functions work now & also thread was recategorized

new to AutoIt and online forums, so I apologize in advance for being annoying.

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Another method (depending on how advanced you want to do it) is to investigate (with Inspect.exe from Windows SDK) if your objects are recognizable for UI Automation code. If so, you can probably use an UI Automation structure change event handler to monitor structure changes (objects created/deleted) in your window. See these examples.

The advantage of this method is that all the hard work is done by the code in uiautomationcore.dll. Your AutoIt script only have to listen for the events.

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