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Award Bios Boot Device Priority - USB Option not here anymore

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Hello ! I need some help regarding a hardware problem again. 

I have an old bios , it's called Award Bios. When I go to boot device priority the Boot with USB option is not here anymore. This happened after i formatted my USB device with a software called Rufus 2.6. I do not know what the problem really is , but i've never met it before. If you have any idea, please post it here. 

Thanks in advance.

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If you open Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc) do you see the USB drive listed?  You should be able to re-format as long as it's not corrupt and the OS see's it.

edit:  I'm suspecting the BIOS isn't detecting a compatible file-system...but I'm not sure if it's doing that "deep" of an inspection during POST.  If you can't see the drive listed in Diskmgmt.msc or under Device Manager, i'd say you've got a bad USB drive.

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