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Mouse Click in a AWS VPS/VPC (Amazon virtual machine)

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to make a script to work 24/7 in a Amazon virtual machine. My script automatizes very simple tasks like receive some information from a software, after that, it clicks and enters values in a TextField in another software.

Everything is working fine in my computer, but not in the VPS. In really, the VPS works only when the Windows Remote Desktop is maximized and my mouse is over the window. When my mouse is not over the window or the remote connection is off, the click's functions not work.

The destiny software uses just a graphic canvas, there are no controls. There are another way to click in the canvas without mouse?

So, how to make the VPS emulate clicks when there is no mouse? Is there a virtual mouse that I can install in the VPS?

Some info:

  VPS: t2.micro with Windows Server 2012 R2.

Thanks in advance

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40 minutes ago, Chuckero said:

There are another way to click in the canvas without mouse?

Not without the use of controls.


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Wouldn't MouseClick do it?  Of course, I wouldn't recommend it as it relies on coordinates which could be unreliable.  Controls are the way to go, but if there are no controls, not sure what alternatives there are.  Also, if your script relies on an RDP being open to send the clicks then MouseClick won't work from a locked session.  You'd have to do something along the lines of VNC/iLO/other console over IP solution to leave the session unlocked.  Not a fan of that either from a security perspective.  Best be darn sure your implementation is as secure as can be so as other can hijack the remote control.

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Hi people,

Apparently this is a possible answer:

Make a virtual screen by a VNC server or a VNC client pointing to itself. I don't know another software that makes a virtual screen.

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