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how to display local group properties dialog?

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manually: right-click "Computer" (in Start Menu or in Windows Explorer), choose "Manage". in "System Tools", expand "Local Users and Groups", and select "Groups". pick a group from the list and double-click it. you get the "Properties" dialog for the selected group.

how to display the same dialog by a command?

i looked into mmc.exe and control.exe, but i find their command-line switches too general to be adequate.

background: i've written an installer for an in-house tool, which - among other things - creates a local group of users authorized to operate the said tool. after installation, an administrator is supposed to manually add at least one other user to that group. (this must be a local group and cannot be an AD group, although members can be local or AD users).

to encourage the admin (who is performing the installation) not to skip that, i want the installer to display the properties of the local group, so its easy to see who are the existing members, and add users if required.

sure, i can script that with WMI - enumerate group members, display an input box for user name, add to group. but the built-in Windows GUI is already there, and has search features, so it's kind of senseless to reinvent the wheel.

any ideas are welcome.

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I'd recommend creating an AD group with the users in it and "hard code" that group into the script.  One less thing for the "admin" to miss or mess up.

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