[SOLVED] Parse elements of a webpage NOT created by _IECreate

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Let's take a simple example to illustrate my case.

I open a webpage with the command _IECreate and I parse all its elements :

#include <IE.au3>

$oIE = _IECreate("http://www.york.ac.uk/teaching/cws/wws/webpage1.html")

$oElements = _IETagNameAllGetCollection($oIE)
For $oElement In $oElements
    ConsoleWrite("Tagname: " & $oElement.tagname & @CRLF & "Id: " & $oElement.id & @CRLF & "InnerText: " & $oElement.innerText & @CRLF & "--------------------------------" & @CRLF)

Now let's imagine I simulate a click with MouseClick to the link "lesson two" at the bottom of this webpage. A new webpage will open :


I'd like to get the elements (tagname, id, innertext) of this new webpage, just like I got them for the first webpage. But for this, I presume I would have to get a new $oIE2 Object variable of an InternetExplorer.Application, in order to be able to use the _IETagNameAllGetCollection once again.

How am I supposed to do this ?

Thank you !


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You could use _IEAttach to connect with the new window.

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Thank you, I managed to create a working example with your hint.

Here it is below :

#include <IE.au3>

$oIE = _IECreate("http://www.york.ac.uk/teaching/cws/wws/webpage1.html")
WinSetState("", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

$oElements = _IETagNameAllGetCollection($oIE)
For $oElement In $oElements
    If $oElement.innerText = "EXERCISE" Then
        $oIE.document.parentwindow.scroll(0, 500)
        MsgBox(0, "", "WebPage elements have been parsed. Let's move the mouse to EXERCISE for example.")
        MouseMove($oElement.getBoundingClientRect().left + $oIE.document.parentwindow.screenleft, $oElement.getBoundingClientRect().top + $oIE.document.parentwindow.screentop)

MsgBox(0, "", "Now let's simulate a click to the ""lesson two"" link at the bottom of the page.")
_IELinkClickByText($oIE, "lesson two")

MsgBox(0, "", "Now let's try to locate FONT ATTRIBUTES in the new webpage.")

; Stupid WinGetTitle adds " - Internet Explorer" after the real window title, so we have to remove it otherwise the attachment won't work
;MsgBox(0, "", WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]"))
$oIE2 = _IEAttach(StringReplace(WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]"), " - Internet Explorer", ""))

$oElements2 = _IETagNameAllGetCollection($oIE2)
For $oElement2 In $oElements2
    ;ConsoleWrite("Tagname: " & $oElement2.tagname & @CRLF & "innerText: " & $oElement2.innerText)
    If $oElement2.innerText = " FONT ATTRIBUTES" And $oElement2.tagName = "FONT" Then
        MsgBox(0, "", "New WebPage elements have been parsed. Let's move the mouse to FONT ATTRIBUTES for example.");
        MouseMove($oElement2.getBoundingClientRect().left + $oIE2.document.parentwindow.screenleft, $oElement2.getBoundingClientRect().top + $oIE2.document.parentwindow.screentop)

Do you know if there's a simpler way to attach the new webpage (for example, by using its URL) ?

I would be very interested in using the new URL instead of the webpage title.

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Yes. Look up the syntax for _IEAttach in the help file. :)

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