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I am trying to open a dll using DLLOpen, however everytime i try to do so the function fails and returns -1 result. 

I have the dll in the same folder as the auto it script. 

Local $hDLL = DllOpen("C:\Users\310255155\Downloads\COMMGvv2\commg.dll")
DllCall($hDLL, "int", "MessageBox", "hwnd", 0, "str", "Some text", "str", "Some title", "int", 0)


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Using nirsoft's free DLL Export Viewer @, I could not find the export function, "MessageBox" in the "commg.dll" file.

To dllcall a message box, see the  _WinAPI_MessageBoxIndirect function.

First, look up _WinAPI_MessageBoxIndirect in the AutoIt help file and try the example, then;
Secondly, open the include file, WinAPIDlg.au3, and look at the actual workings of the _WinAPI_MessageBoxIndirect function.
You'll see "MessageBoxIndirectW" is the export function used from the "user32.dll" file.

Note : The return values of  the _WinAPI_MessageBoxIndirect function is the same as the return values of  the MsgBox function, which depends on which button is pressed in the message box.

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