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AutoIT split 2 or more strings at the same time.


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@JohnOne means AutoIt is not multi-threaded so you can't literally do two things at the same exact time.  Also, there is no clear function to compare arrays, you need to walk each element.  Check out this example which includes a reference to the wiki:

; array compare - must compare each element
; from the wiki:https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/Arrays#Comparing_Arrays
;You have to instead, compare all elements one after the other.
;It might be a good idea to first compare array sizes if that can vary for both the compared arrays!

#include <Array.au3>
global $array1,$array2, $delimeter

$delimeter=" "
$string1="I am string 1"
$string2="I am string 2"

;split the strings into arrays
;_ArrayDisplay($array1) ; debug in case you want to peek inside the array
;_ArrayDisplay($array2) ; debug in case you want to peek inside the array

; quick check to see if the arrays are the same size - if not the strings are different
if UBound($array1) <> UBound($array2) Then
    MsgBox(0,'',"arrays are different sizes - so strings are different")

for $a=1 to ubound($array1)-1
    if $array1[$a]<>$array2[$a] Then
        MsgBox(0,'',$array1[$a]&" is not the same as: " & $array2[$a])


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