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Using psexec tool on remote and detected process ID

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Dear All.

I have one question need everyone help

I have two computer, One is a server, another is Client

Server use Autoit and command line is there 

Execute via CMD on server

Run("cmd.exe", "" , @SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED)
Winwaitactive("administrator: c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe", "", 1)
Send('cd PSTools' & "{Enter}")
Send("psexec -u domain\" & $Username & "{SPACE}" & " -p 123 \\" & $Computername & "{SPACE}" & "-d -i -f -c C:\cmd.bat" & "{Enter}")
Send('pause' & "{Enter}")

It have processID on client computer, but I want to use Processwaitclose($PID) to deceted on server side

How to do this?

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Have someone can help this?

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A clarification and a critique:

The PID in question....that is the PID of the process started on the Client via PSEXEC?  You can't use ProcessClose on the Server to kill a process on the Client.  Not sure what your BAT file is doing, but ProcessClose can only close processes on the machine AutoIt is executing.

Critique/Suggestion: There's no need to launch a command prompt and send keystrokes to it, not to mention it's one more thing that could go wrong.  Just execute the PSEXEC line directly (just my two cents)

$strPSToolsPath = "C:\PSTools"
$strExecCMD = '"' & $strPSToolsPath & '\psexec.exe" -u domain\' & $Username & " -p 123 \\" & $Computername & " -d -i -f -c C:\cmd.bat"
Run(@ComSpec & " /k " & $strExecCMD , "" , @SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED)


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