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WinWaitActive title problem

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In my company I have to install the same programs on every PC I ever setup, so I'm trying to write a script that will do it all automatically.

So far I've managed to get my AutoIT script to install the first programme however when the installation finished, it loads up the box which requires some user info to be entered (This is always the same info, I.e. area code = +44 etc)

Problem I'm having is the install goes through fine. It then autoloads the programme but using the WinWaitActive command no longer works. I've tried to change this for

WinWait('', 'Enter International Area Code')

but this doesnt work either.

Basically, at this last stage of installation, I just need it to press TAB 3 times, enter 44 and click save.  Not sure why WinWaitActive no longer works at this stage. If it was still on an installer screen it would be fine so is the issue the fact its finished installing and I need to use a different command? *confused*

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@Silverback83 if you have resolved your own issue (congrats) please modify your initial post and add RESOLVED to the title. This helps those assisting on the forum to know you're all set.

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