Convert variable (tomorrow) date to MM/DD/YYYY format

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I have established how to get tomorrows date however I can't seem to figure out how to format the date into my required format of MM/DD/YYYY.  

I have this:

Dim $Y, $M, $D
$tomorrow=_DayValueToDate($today+1, $Y, $M, $D)

The _DateToDayValue seems to have a fixed format.  I've also tried a :

$vardate = _DateAdd( 'd',1, _NowCalcDate())

with a "StringSplit" and/or StringFormat but the _NowCalcDate seems to also be fixed to a YYYY/MM/DD format.

I'm sure I'm missing something simple but am at a loss.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated



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Have you tried _NowDate?


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Hello. Try this.


#include <Date.au3>
Local $today=_DateToDayValue(@YEAR,@MON,@MDAY),$Y, $M, $D
Local $tomorrow=_DayValueToDate($today+1, $Y, $M, $D)
$tomorrow= StringFormat("%02i/%02i/%04i", $M,  $D,  $Y)
ConsoleWrite($tomorrow & @CRLF)


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This worked PERFECTLY!. I have never seen s StrngFormat like this and, I would've probably NEVER found it on my own. MANY Thanks

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You're welcome mate.



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