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Script makes weird problems with keyboard and mouse

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i run simple script which consists of only using ControlSend to 2 different programs which are minimized. 

When i use my web browser some weird things are happening to my keyboard and mouse.

For example: My leftclick act as doubleleftclick or capslock is randomly turning on or keyboard is starting working as if ctrl+shift was pressed and so on.

Using ctrl+shift and capslock is solving those issues but after a while they just pop up again and again.

Is there any solution to it?

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solution to what? you have provided next to NO information whatsoever. No info, no data, no code.

post your code if you want any real help. and what are these two programs you send ControlSend to? what are they for? what are they doing? what web browser? what are your browser extensions? what OS? does this happen when you don't run your script that sends control messages to two unmentionable executables in the background?


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@hrot Minimally you should include an example or reproducing script so we can analyze it and see if we can produce the same symptoms.

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