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Copy specific folder with prompt for a new folder name

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Hi all,

How can I copy a specific folder from a location A, get a prompt for a name for the new folder and paste the new folder in the same location where the shortcut is ran from.


Location A is: C:\Folder1\SubFolders\Files

Location of the script executable: C:\AutoIT\addFolder.exe - so that I can keep it up to date etc.

Destination: D:\DestinationA, D:\DestinationB, D:\DestinationC or wherever I place the shortcut to C:\AutoIT\addFolder.exe

What I want is for a user to double click on a shortcut, get a pop up window asking for a name for the new folder and paste Folder1 with a new name in the same folder where the shortcut was executed.

Is it possible to do? I'd appreciate some advice on this.

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Sure seems possible. Advice, pseudo code your algorithm. Then turn that into Code.  Also please familiarize yourself with the help file. If you want help with code that isn’t working, please post your code so that we can see what’s going on and test it 

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As @Earthshine inferred, your help file is your friend.  Here are a couple of relevant functions to get you started (*you can click the function names I list to view the online help article for the function, but they are included with the helpfile installed with AutoIt.)



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