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How to notify a process from internet


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I have an aws cloud machine where I kept all the build process to create some set of zip files and uploading them to OneDrive.

Once it is completed, I have another local machine in our environment which is a acting as a local share server also.

Is there anyway to notify this machine(without public IP) to start downloading these files.

I have written an AutoIT exe to download these files and copy them to respective locations.But don't know how to notify this from the remote machine.


Any suggestion??


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to your process of creating files at AWS, add a final step: raise a flag. meaning, once all zip files are ready, create another file with a predetermined name and location.

let the local machine check for this file at regular intervals (say once a minute, if you are on a tight schedule). if that file exists, download the zip files as usual, and then delete that flag file.

there are other methods to push messages, but for your purpose i believe that method should suffice.

P.S. you can have that flag file contain some relevant info (e.g. version number of the current release, preferred deployment channel, etc.) so the local machine can decide on a proper operation.


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Touch - set the "modified" timestamp of a file to current time

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