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replace a particular text in a file - (Moved)

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Hi, I have the following line in a text file 'input.txt'. I know the line number - say '6'. I wish to replace the text 'WWW' in the below line with a random number (I can generate that with random()).

WERIS  WWWJP   3.83  8.330  1.000                1097.RAXX 

The WWW is a 3 digit integer (could be any number between 0 to 999), I can use stringtrimleft and get the numerical value of WWW in this file

so, basically, I know the string to replace (ie; WWW stored in a variable), I know the line number to work on and the file location/name and the replacement variable (through random()). My requirement is to fill that 3 spaces with my random number (which Is a integer between 1 and 999)

please put ur suggestions


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Moved to the appropriate forum, as the AutoIt Example Scripts forum very clearly states:


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Do not post general support questions here, instead use the AutoIt Help and Support forums.

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11 hours ago, Rskm said:

please put ur suggestions

Something like:

#include <String.au3>

$s_oldstring = "WERIS  WWWJP   3.83  8.330  1.000                1097.RAXX"

ConsoleWrite($s_oldstring & @CRLF)

$s_newstring = StringReplace($s_oldstring, 8, _stringPad(random(0, 999, 1), '0', 3, 0))
ConsoleWrite($s_newstring & @CRLF)

; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name ..........: _stringPad
; Description ...: Pads a string to a specified length with a specified character.
; Syntax ........: _stringPad($string[, $pad = ' '[, $count = 10[, $opt = 1]]])
; Parameters ....: $string              - the string to pad.
;                  $pad                 - the character to use as the padding. Default is ' '.
;                  $count               - the total width of the padded output. Default is 10.
;                  $opt                 - left (1) or right (0) justification of the input string. Default is 1.
; Return values .: String with padded values
; Author ........: Xenobiologist
; Modified ......: 31-07-2018
; Remarks .......: requires #include <string.au3>
; Related .......:
; Link ..........: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/69925-how-do-i-pad-a-string/
; Example .......: No
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func _stringPad($string, $pad = ' ', $count = 10, $opt = 1)
    If $opt = 1 Then
        Return $string & _StringRepeat($pad, $count - StringLen($string))
        Return _StringRepeat($pad, $count - StringLen($string)) & $string
EndFunc   ;==>_stringPad

The function _stringPad created in 2008 by @Xenobiologist

Edited by ModemJunki
prettified _stringPad

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