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Seeking to understand encryption results

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I'm working with Au3 encryption calls. I have no trouble encrypting strings and then decrypting them to get back to the starting point. Things work as described and I get a hex result from AES 256 calls. But when I use the same string and key in one of the online encryption tools, it shows quite a different result ... fewer characters ... and in extended ASCII or something.  I'm drawing a blank as to what's at the root of the differences.

I've attached an example, below. My Au3 result is at the top.

I'm hoping that someone who's versed in encryption can explain this situation. I've been thinking that AES256 was "universal".

Thanks in advance for any help.




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The second output appears to be encoded in Base64, whereas the first one is hexadecimal.

Can you provide some autoit code and the online source you are using to generate the outputs so we can help compare more in-depth?

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