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I have a unique situation in that I need the ability to code AutoIT to programmatically step through the user deletion process, but, not sure if it has the ability. 

Our OOB solution doesn't provide a method of mass user deletion or even programmatic deletion.

The process is as follows{pdf attachment with visual reference is included}:

  1. User delete icon is selected
  2. Popup overlay is displayed for confirmation
  3. User must 'left arrow' to 'Yes' button to confirm
  4. Next user is selected for deletion and so on

I'm not sure if it is possible, but, would certainly like some input on this.

I just finished deleting several hundred accts manually and whew, what a pain.



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Should be possible.  Solution will vary depending on the type of application.  Try using au3info tool or uiautomation simplespy to see if you can read the controls.

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