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AutoIt Windown Info detect correct position but WinGetPos always return wrong position

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I have a software to load code to boarder. It's name is ISD_VPE2100 (link: ISD_VPE2100 win7 32bit).

I use AutoIt Windown Info to find position of this GUI, it returns correct position. But when I use WinGetPos  to view postion it always return a fix position.

I also try to get $hWnd by class: CVIRTLVDChild4194304 as Auto Windown Info show, it is still not change.


I would like to know if this software prevent AutoIt detect or prevent AutoIt control form?

I try with WinMove for this software, it is also not change position on screen.


My purpose is always auto click a right button on this software that not depend on software's position or screen resolution.

Please help! 


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Are you scaling your desktop ?  If so try on 100% scale. 

Could you also check for errors on wingethandle ?

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Out of curiosity, do a winlist(your title here) and see how many windows match...then loop through that array, and get the positions of each window's handle.

It's very likely that you exe has some additional window that it hides off of screen.  It probably includes an odd class.

Another quick check of this would be to output your window handle to the console, and see if it's the same handle as the spy tool.

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