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draw a colored rectangle on a tab

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colored rectangleHello,
a basic trick that does not work and I do not understand why.
I want to put a 
colored rectangle on a tab
in my tab I tried without success (nothing appears at all)


$GUICtrlCreateTabItem = GUICtrlCreateTabItem("Paramètres")
$cadre1 = GUICtrlCreateGraphic($left+4, $top+4, 1162, 450,0) ; $SS_GRAYRECT, $SS_GRAYFRAME
GUICtrlSetColor($cadre1, 0xE69CFF )
GUICtrlSetBkColor($cadre1, 0xE69CFF);660066

I also tried without it, 0 as I saw in some examples, without more success
also play on the $ COLOR_RED color with the corresponding constants

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