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Mouse ControlClick for unlabeled button

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I am trying to do a controlclick to press a button that seems to not have any kind of label and no hotkey.  I am trying to click the open button of the SQLQuery tab in the pic below.  If I hover over it I get the AutoIT Window Info as shown.  This is my first time using ControlClick, and I'm trying to do it with this line of code.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

ControlClick ("ProgramName", "", "[Class:TToolBar; Instance:2]" [, button = "left" [, Clicks = 1 [, 75 [, 25]]]])

image.jpeg.71751212dfce61313e606f4692fa5bd6.jpeg              image.jpeg.aad37b5c0d441869eb92e65c89a3f940.jpeg

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The "[" and "]" do not belong to the function.  It is there for documentation purposes (except for the title special definition).  So your statement should be :

ControlClick ("ProgramName", "", "[Class:TToolBar; Instance:2]", "left", 1, 75, 25)


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That works!!  I was still having problems with it not working, but once I added a wait between opening the query tab and the controlclick it worked like a charm.  Thanks again Nine

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Does the toolbar tab include any output?  if so, you can get the details of your specific item to click rather than relative positions on the toolbar. 


Helpful note in the future, copy the full text of the spy tool, and not just a partial screenshot

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Here's the full spy tool output.  As far as I know the toolbar doesn't include any output.  I looked into a bunch of different ways to do it so I wouldn't have to use ControlClick, that was a last resort.  If there a better way I'm all ears.  My first time using AutoIT and I have a ~150 line script I would love to make as simple and fool proof as possible.


>>>> Window <<<<
Title:    ProgramName
Class:    TForm1
Position:    -8, -8
Size:    1936, 1056
Style:    0x17CF0000
ExStyle:    0x00010110
Handle:    0x00000000015A10D0

>>>> Control <<<<
Class:    TToolBar
Instance:    2
ClassnameNN:    TToolBar2
Advanced (Class):    [CLASS:TToolBar; INSTANCE:2]
ID:    55052450
Position:    6, 93
Size:    1910, 56
ControlClick Coords:    75, 25
Style:    0x5600884E
ExStyle:    0x00010000
Handle:    0x00000000034808A2

>>>> Mouse <<<<
Position:    81, 141
Cursor ID:    2
Color:    0xF1CB58

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<
SQL Query
Auto size columns
Non result query (update query)
Show Side Panel

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<
Table List
Show Views
Show Tables
Count: 13


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