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ConrolClick In a File Explorer window (opened by chrome) doesn't work

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I want to upload a .png in chrome and to select the file, Chrome is opening the File explorer and I want to select via Controlclick the png file. I don't know why, but it isn't working in the File Explorer Window. I tried to maximise the window but you can't do it fully. Normally in chrome, Controlclick is working without any issues. I think, that because the File Explorer Window isn't maximised, it isn't working properly, but I'm not shure. Pls give me some advise to figure out the problem. 


THX to everyone!

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Posted (edited)

I'm going to guess that chrome is running as admin, and your script is not.  #RequireAdmin.

Another suggestion is to add in a msgbox directly after your script initiates the load file dialog...if you do not see the msgbox, then your script is deadlocked.  There are ways around that by sending enter while you focus on the button that causes the load file dialog to appear.


Those are probably the 2 biggest causes for such things...at least that I've come across.

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