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Image _search(opencv)

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1.import the image

2.Select the portion of an (Region of Interest ) image.

3.find all the instances of that selected image , from the same image 

4.Provide the count and Annotated locations to the users



I have already got Template_match working (as shown in the below code), but how do i ask the user to select the portion of the image and then use match_template  to find how many such image portions are present 


#AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=n ; In order for the x86 DLLs to work
#include "OpenCV-Match_UDF.au3"

_OpenCV_Startup();loads opencv DLLs
_OpenCV_EnableLogging(True,True,True) ;Logs matches, errors in a log file and autoit console output.

;Please note that these examples might not work as the match pictures have to be found with the exact same size on your screen.

;Example 1
ShellExecute("https://xyz.com");Open Website tv.com
$Match1 = _MatchPicture(@ScriptDir&"\Match\easy.png", 0.70,False,10,500);Try to find the match picture on the screen. Number of tries: 10, Sleep between each try: 500ms.
If Not @error Then
    _MarkMatch($Match1) ;Debugging: Draws a rect on the screen/coordinates of the match to show the user where the match was found
    _ClickMouse($Match1, "left",1) ;Calculates the center of the match and clicks the left mouse once on click position


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You could take a look at this thread, M23 code could solve your #2, pooja code could solve your #3 and #1.  As for #4 depends on how you want to inform your users (maybe some GUI ListView ?)...


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