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HOW TO AVOID COM ERRORS??? (And what is causing them)

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So from my very limited knowledge of COM errors and COM in general is that this is happening when autoit is trying to interact with a program and something about the DLL file is missing? I am trying to do research on the topic but am struggling to find anything to do with it related to AutoIt. Ive been running a few scripts and cannot figure out a rhyme or reason to when they occur or what they mean when they occur. I can run a script 5 times in a row without changing it or the environment and get 3 of them crashing to COM errors. If someone could explain why they are occurring and what exactly can be done to prevent them or even just a nice way to log them to see why they are occurring, that would be great.

I've gotten a bunch of different errors like 'Access Denied' but the one I am dealing with right now is 'Class Not Registered'. I've run it about 10 times now and on the third one or so, no COM error occurred. The program completed but of course I had to make more changes after it completed and on the next 7 runs... COM errors every time right at the beginning. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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