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Need help with a loop Script that simply wont loop

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So before this gets flagged for game automation it has nothing to do with gameplay. This is a script I'm writing to autosave a server I'm running without using plugins so I can keep the server running purely vanilla. 

I basically want it to open the games console window if it's not already open and type save and hit enter every 5 mins. 

It works great when I run it however it only runs once. 

I've tried many different ways to write the script but it just won't loop.


$run = 1
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Terminate")
Opt("TrayAutoPause", 0)
While $run = 1
WinWait("[CLASS:ConsoleWindowClass]", "")
If Not Winactive("[CLASS:ConsoleWindowClass]", "") Then WinActivate("[CLASS:ConsoleWindowClass]", "")

Func _Terminate()
EndFunc   ;==>_Terminate


Any ideas?

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Yeah, I read them this is interfacing with a console, not a game. If I did not tell you upfront what I'm doing you would have no idea what this is for should I resubmit the topic and lie? to appease people like you who have nothing of value to bring to the table? 

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Listen, it's not a matter of wanting or not wanting, it's a mater of obeying the rules and conduct put forth by the forum mods.  Don't act like we're the one's being uncooperative.

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4 hours ago, GrimChemist said:

Fuck it ill code the script in c# if you guys don't want to help

Sure ...you too. ;)  ,,, and goodluck with that.

1 hour ago, GrimChemist said:

There is no logic in the rule, I'm sure you are fine with that.

There is so NO.



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