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Web form with AutoIT .exe server process and live info upadting

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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been asked and answered before but I couldn't find anything upon searching, if you know of a topic that covers this I would be grateful for a pointer to it.

Because my AutoIT executables are flagged as viruses with every AV vendor it makes distributing an app I've created to multiple, not very tech savvy users, near impossible.

So - I would like to create a web form that takes the inputs the GUI would normally take, then send these inputs to my server running the app and then report the results back to the user.

In the past I've accomplished this by having the form email the data to my server that has Outlook running and a macro that looks out for the relevant subject line, then when found it executes, exports and cleans up the email into a text file and then calls the AutoIT app. The app reads the text file for inputs and executes normally. In this instance the app emails the results back to the user. This is fine as the output is a large PDF document so emailing it back to the user is acceptable.

But is there a good way of having the output sent back live?

The only way I've come up with in my head is that upon submission of the form the user is redirected to a page that displays the contents of a document created by the app and placed in the relevant folder on my server. If the document isn't found then it'll display a 'Please wait' type message and once found it displays it. Great. But the only way I can think of for checking for the existence of the document created by the app is to refresh the page every 'x' seconds, is there a better way?

Furthermore, if multiple users are using it, how do I ensure the correct user gets the correct results?

Thanks for any help.

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Why not create a simple web http server and use any browser to access the form and sent back the files required.  Anybody knows how to use a browser...

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