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Paste file and autoexcecute it

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A script would need to run on the remote machine.  Teamviewer isn't going to be able to give you the mechanism to run the inserted file without your control AFAIK. 


Pardon my suspicion, but my compsec senses are tingling. What is the nature of the file you are delivering and your goal?

It sounds a bit like you want to deliver a payload to a target machine and have it run without consent. Care to put my mind at ease?

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actually i dont know what is ment by payload...

its about i got a handfull of machines and i need to do sth like a rollout to send an update to the machines. due to i only can do it by teamviewer its essentially that the update starts after sending it to the machine via tv.



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Just to clarify, are you having an issue getting the file to one of your pcs? or running the file once its there?

If you are wondering how to get the file there, AFAIK TeamViewer is just an RDP. So you will still need a way to transfer transfer the file to that PC. You can do that using a shared directory through your network, Active Directory, or even just emailing the file to that PC. Once it is there, using RDP, you can just run it yourself.

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