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Want select and deselect few items from tree - (Moved)


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I want to automate my installation process wherein i need to do following things in sequence:

1-Select one option from tree (Number)

2-Select sub node option from same parent (Num1)

3-Deselect remaining option from same node  (Num2)

4- Deselect few left parent node (Character, Digits)







No where in above tree i have check boxes to deselect item, i need to click on option than hover like window appears wherein i need to click on 'X' sign to deselect it. Please help me with code as i am new to Auto IT

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From the below option I need to do clicks in following sequence:

1-Click on Client

2-Deselect option 2 by clicking option 'X This feature will not be available' (You get deselect window once you click on Option 2)


Please help me as i am new to AUtoIT world

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>>>> Window <<<<
Title:    AAAAAAA
Class:    MsiDialogCloseClass
Position:    708, 328
Size:    504, 383
Style:    0x14C80000
ExStyle:    0x00040100
Handle:    0x00000000000D0302

>>>> Control <<<<
Class:    SysTreeView32
Instance:    1
ClassnameNN:    SysTreeView321
Advanced (Class):    [CLASS:SysTreeView32; INSTANCE:1]
ID:    3918
Position:    10, 93
Size:    293, 157
ControlClick Coords:    99, 43
Style:    0x50830037
ExStyle:    0x00000200
Handle:    0x00000000001A01EE

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