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Hello there,

im kinda new in coding and i want to know if theres a way to search only the shape of an image with the imagesearch programm like i have a circle, a triangle, a square but they always change colors , so only the shape should be the target not the color. the color should be ignored. Also the shape of the picture changes in a specific position on the screen. But there are only 3 different shapes of the picture, triangle, square or circle for example. Furthermore it should have an area function. like lets say $area1 = x50 y100 , $area2 = x100, y150 and so on. and if i.e. the circle appears in area1 it should send"1" if there is a square in area1 in should send"2" , the area`s should be pressed in order so,  -> check area1 if there is a circle, square or triangle -> "a circle appeared" -> send"1" , then check area2 if there is a circle, square or triangle ->"a square appeared" -> send"2" .

Sorry if it might be in the wrong forum to ask... Its the first time here for me :/.

Still i hope u could help me out with this :)


best regards

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Maybe not with imagesearch, but I think it is possible with GDI+.  Could you post an image of the screen where the different shapes appear.  I also suggest you read forum rules especially the part about game automation...

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Welcome to the AutoIt forum.

Unfortunately you appear to have missed the Forum rules on your way in. Please read them now - particularly the bit about not discussing game automation - and then you will understand why you will get no help and this thread will now be locked.

See you soon with a legitimate question I hope.

The Moderation team

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