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Koda doesn't add ' GUICtrlSetOnEvent ' to buttons

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Hello there! First of all I'd like to say sorry as I'm new in these.

I had used Koda for one project. Koda used to create GUICtrlSetOnEvent for each buttons  (from side bar OnClk settings) and Create a function which let me add instructions for that button. But now it doesn't. Am I missing something? :( 

Can't remember as I've been out of all this for a long time. Adding some screenshots. 

Code from my previous work, 



And now it's 


I want the way it was before, like functions. 


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5 hours ago, lorenkinzel said:

Initially I thought that your memory was faulty because I had not seen this before. Quick search of controls in scite; "options" > " code generator" use the checkboxes that appear.  Restart Scite.

I would never have discovered this without your question. Thanks.

I've found it in the Settings, now it's okay. Thank you very much! 

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