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Script to close an Idle application

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Hi Guys,

I'm a Linux administrator in a small concern of IT. I regard the suggestion or make sure of the solution to my following requirements. We organized the Windows server for the rendering process. 

The After Effects application will only hope to complete the rendering process depends on the list of the queue. There is a major issue at After effects application that gets interrupted sometimes while processing the rendering queue. So that a time I need to close the  AE application at a time to resolve the interruption. 

So kindly help me to close the After Effect application automatically if it's idle for more than a certain time period. Could you help me, anyone...?

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You have to figure out what "idle" consists of. How do you manually determine the application is idle?


Edit: Moved to the appropriate forum as this has nothing to do with SCCM.

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I suppose "idle" would be when no more job in the queue get processed.  Now the question is how can the queue can be read by an external application ? Is there an API or a file can be used to peek the queue ? Answering that question would orient the solution...

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