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[Solved] Log file to keep track of application executions by day/month?


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I have an AutoIt application that's run about 30-50 times a day from a server, and my management is interested in knowing exactly how many times it's run per day, and per month...mainly to see trends in usage. Without doing the work for me, can anyone offer a suggestion (method or example) as to how I would keep track of an execution count variable that is updated from multiple machines? Again, per day and per month are the metrics I'm after...I don't mind doing the per year calculation.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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Event viewer would be the standard way. Have your script write out to the Event Log, with a specific event code. You can then write code to parse the event logs later and extract the data you're after. Look at the _eventlog_* functions in the help file, or do something as simple as:


ShellExecute("EventCreate.exe", '/L Application /T Information /SO "Windows Installer" /ID 666 /D "Windows Installer 4.5 Installed Successfully"', "", "", @SW_HIDE)


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