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Does anyone know of an Includes Helper, such as the 3 already on the forum (search for Include Helper). Those posts are almost ten years old so I didn't want to revive them.

I have tried all 3 of those Include Helpers and none work for me, so I was wondering if anyone know of another way to achieve the same functionality in a way that works?

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Add_Constants=y does work but is meant for compiled scripts, and I need it for un-compiled.


By the way, please bear with me if its a basic question, I'm not an AutoIT expert.

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It is not exactly what you are looking for, but it will help you (I know it does for me) .  Till you find the perfect tool, at least you have something to work with :

When you run your script and get errors (undeclared variables or unknown functions), use it to search in AutoIt include folder for that specific string and you will get your answer quite rapidly. 

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