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Running an Exe Based On Time

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Hey guys,

With the help of a friend I have an exe file"backup-win-amd64.exe" that backs up all the fanuc robot files via FTP on my machine. There are 24 robots so it is a huge time saver for something that normally takes an hour. I was just wondering if I can take this one step further with an autoit script that runs on windows startup that would back it up every day at 10:00 PM. I know some basic auto it like mouse clicks and running an application, but I dont really know how to interject the time aspect. Also im sure you guys have done some similar stuff and have better methodsof handling this.




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Use Windows Task Scheduler for that.  Just compile your script and enter all the parameters of Task Scheduler.  Will save you from having an AutoIt process continuously checking for the right time to start.

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