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How to capture a dialog box in CustomUI Editor

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i have the following script that loads xml into an excel workbook. all is working good. but would like to expand on my script by capturing a dialog box that confirms the xml is well formed. how can that be done?


#include <AutoItConstants.au3>
run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Office RibbonX Editor\OfficeRibbonXEditor.exe")
WinSetState("Office RibbonX Editor", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)
MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT, 360, 60, 2)
run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\excel.exe C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Excel\RibbonTester.xlsm")
winclose("Office RibbonX Editor")

so just after the mouse click, when i am sending the enter key, what i would like to happen is to verify that the dialog box appears. if there is an issue with the xml, then the dialog box does not appear and a panel is opened in the editor with the offending line(s) of code. all i need to do is confirm whether or not the dialog box appears. can that be done with autoit?


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One way is to use WinWait ("[CLASS:#32770]", "", 2) with a timeout (here 2 secs).  If it returns an error it means that the xml is not valid.

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