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I know everyone may find it strange that i'm trying to do this in a server but...

So, i've been working on this site that would login to a site and download a couple of files from it.

Even though people usually use it on chrome i tried it on IE and it worked fine, so I used the _IE and all ok i tested it on a couple of W10 machines and all was working fine. But then someone gave me a WServer machine and on it some strange behavior happens.

On the site login page it identifies and selects the username input field and starts inputting the username normally, but next instead of finding and selecting a couple of fields next it seems to jump those and just executing the send commands that come next to fill those fields before it comes back and selects them comes doing the selecting/clicking normally. 

the only explanation for this would be some kind of threading configuration on the machine (or native to windows server) that messes with the flow of the script running these 'findelement' and 'action' commands on separate threads instead of their right order on the script.

Can someone say something about their experiences or about autoit compatibility with WServer(2012)?

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AutoIt is single thread.  Don't waste your time searching explanation in that direction.  I do not see how a window server would suddenly starts shearing a process in multiple threads just for the fun of it.  I would rather assume it is a question of credentials/securities reasons.

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@Nine thanks for this clarification, I just thought of it cause it really seemed strange the way it's working.
Like it jumps all this field selections/interactions, put a bunch of send commands (up in the order) but then is executing the interactions after those seems really strange and seemed like some kind of threading going on. But knowing that AutoIT is single threaded also make it even stranger it's "malfunctioning" this way.

I'm seeing if it's possible to change and work in a more standard configured/consumer style system as a W10 VM instead of the server one. But I'll look into this permissions/security possibilities.


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