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I want to check a specific submenu (File explorer --> View --> extra large icons).

My code is like this:

$hWnd=WinWaitActive(@ScriptDir, "", 0)

I get 3 which is the correct order of "View".

What would be the next line to find the submenu "extra large icons"?

Thanks for help.


but i get a failure

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Why are you trying to use _GUI* UDFs as the shown GUI isn't your own?
I see you did it earlier with the appropriate command:

If that doesn't work then post your script that is runnable as the posted script is obviously not working.


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You are perfectly right: using Send works, as stated earlier.

But I want to identify and manipulate submenus as another way to get the result.

So how can I list the submenus of a specific selected Menu ? For example if I want to check Ascending or Descending View in File Explorer?

Thanks for your quick reply.

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Yes WinList does provide all File Explorer handles and titles.  You need to look at little closer.  To help you, you could list all windows classes along with the handle, it would make it obvious then.

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I tried this one 

WinList("[CLASS:CabinetWClass]") and it gave me 2 items: one is File Explorer and the other has the name of the Directory I am exploring.

When using the handles, I couldn't get any Menu from them !

What to do?


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