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Copy folders using list of names to another folder - (Moved)

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to autoit and keen to add this as a tool to help with a very time consuming task done manually.

I have to upload some photos to an ftp folder based on a list of product codes.  The product codes are the names of the folders which contains the photos.

The current process is to refer to the excel spreadsheet with a list of product codes,  search the product code name  in our windows shared folder containing the photo library, then copy the folder path (i.e. G:\photos\ABC-123 ), open filezilla and connect the ftp server,  paste the copied path as the source and then select the destination folder (i.e upload) and transfer the folder across.

I would be more than happy if autoit can simply search and copy just the folder names that match the product codes out of excel  to  a local folder on my PC and from there I can upload the whole lot.  

Is this easily doable using autoit?


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Yes.  Look at Excel UDF in help file.  Put something together and we will be glad to help when you reach an issue you cannot solve by yourself.  In such a case, it would be helpful if you could provide an example file .xls of the data you are referring to.

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