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How to click buttons inside UI? - (Moved)

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Hi there,
I'm trying to automate a process for the programm PowerBI Desktop - Its a free software to visualize Data.
However, you can press the refresh button in the UI. Thats the button I want to press. 
This does  the UI look like:

Thats what I get from the Window Info Tool if i'm directly over the button.

So thats all I got. 
Want I want to achive is:

-Being able to open the file/program (i can do that)
-Being able to wait for it to open (I can do that)
-Being able to press the Button without using mouseclick or something like that (I dont even know where to start)
-Being able to wait for the refresh and close the program

Could you please point me in a direction? Maybe hint me to an UDF or give me some pseudocode. Whatever helps :D I dont want you to code it for me, just to show me my possibilities :) THanks in advance!

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If you have no access with AutoIt info tool, try UIASpy included in that UDF.  If you can see the controls, you can automate it...

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