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Run 2 While loops at once?

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Is it possible to run 2 While functions at once, so they are both continuously looping at the same time

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4 hours ago, JockoDundee said:

Assuming you don’t mean like this:

While True
   While Random(0,1 1)

then you need two programs.

(Just a typo) - you surely mean :  While Random(0, 1, 1) 

@Dxnny :

It is already very late here in Germany, so I may have misinterpreted your question 😴. In principle, While...Loops can be nested :

Global $vLoop1 = 1, $vLoop2 = 1, $i = 0
While $vLoop2 <= 3
    ConsoleWrite(" --------------------------------------------- " & @CRLF)
    While $vLoop1 <= 5
        $i += 1
        ConsoleWrite("value i = " & StringFormat("%3i", $i) & "  outer Loop = " & $vLoop2 & "  inner Loop = " & $vLoop1 & @CRLF)
        $vLoop1 += 1
    $vLoop2 += 1
    $vLoop1 = 1

Also take a look at nested-loop


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Posted (edited)

I pretty liked the attempt of this guy to make emulated thread in AutoIt. 

That allows you to run 2 while at same time. 


But it will be the same as doing what @JockoDundee said you. This UDF will run the two loop in different instances of AutoIt. But from one single script. 

The way this UDF work is not really approved by the good practice of AutoIt. Maybe it worth the try of it for you ?



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